This little girl likes to play with fire

I like playing with fire, with matches to be more precise. I love how simple it is to make a flame, to watch it, to wave my finger through it without getting burned. It’s even more fun when you light many matches at once, and build a little bonfire. Just a tiny one though, tiny fires are fun. Ok maybe not only tiny fires are fun, but I would not make those up in my bedroom.

I don’t think my mom and dad suspect anything. A few times mom has asked about the smell, but I think I convinced her it was just her smoking. She’s smoking everywhere, all the time, so she bought that explanation. I think. I have to be more careful though, once they find out I have matches in my bedroom they’ll surely take them away.

The other day I was playing outside with a friend who lives on my street. I had brought my matches and we were playing with them. We were trying to set a fire with a heap of dry leaves. We decided to pile up all the dry leaves in a little section of trees, so no one could see what we were up to.

After a few tries, we got the pile of leaves to burn really well. We decided to also throw some branches and other stuff on to it. Before you knew it, we had a great big fire. We were standing there, looking at it, enjoying our fire, when all of a sudden the three next to it caught fire and went up into flames. That wasn’t exactly what we had planned.

We weren’t sure what to do, so we decided to run away. I think that was a good decision, because when we came back the next day there was no more fire, and no real damage had been done to the trees. You could still see where our fire had been, but from the outside it looked like nothing had happened. I guess from now on, I should be a little more careful with making fires. It’s a shame, because it is so much fun.

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